Material: 1.4016

Information about the selected material

Assignment to new and old standards

Standard Description
EN 10088-3 1.4016 X6Cr 17
EN 10095 Anhang D
AISI 430
BS 430 S 17
JIS 430
DIN 17440 1.4016
SIS 2320

General properties

Property Rating
corrosion resistance good
Mechanical properties middle
Malleability good
Weldability bad
Machinability middle

Mechanical properties

Property Standard Value
Yield strength (N/mm²) Rp0,2 = 240
Tensile strength (N/mm²) Rm 400-630
Impact strength (J) bei 25°C ISO-V ---
Hardness HB = 200

Physical Properties

Property Value
Density (kg/dm³) =7,7
Electrical resistance at 20°C (O mm²/m) 0,6
Magnetisability existing
Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W/m K) 25
Specific conductivity at 20°C (J/kg K)) 500

Special features

  • ferromagnetic quality
  • usable up to 650°C

Main usage

  • Decorative purposes
  • Electronic equipment
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering

Corrosion resistance

1.4016 is a ferritic steel grade. Its corrosion resistance is higher (due to the higher chromium content) than for example of 1.4003 or a 13 % chromium steel Good corrosion resistance is present in media with low aggressiveness and low Chlorionen- concentration , like in a domestic environment , natural water and solvents . It must be noted that 1.4016 is not resistant to sea water. 1.4016 is resistant to intergranular corrosion, but not after welding or during processing at elevated temperatures.


  • Sensitivity by grain growth at elevated temperatures (coarse grain formation possible)
  • Solubility in use with interstitial elements such as Carbon and nitrogen (formation of chromium carbides)