Material: 1.4404

Information about the selected material

Assignment to new and old standards:

Standard Description
EN 10088-3 1.4404 X2CrNiMo 17-12-2
UNS S 31603
AISI 316 L
BS 316 S11
AFNOR Z3CND17-11-02/Z3CND 17-12-12
DIN 17440 1.4404
SIS 2347 / 2348

General properties:

Property Rating
corrosion resistance very good
Mechanical properties middle
Malleability good
Weldability excellent
Machinability middle

Mechanical properties:

Property Standard Value
Yield strength (N/mm²) Rp0,2 = 200
Tensile strength (N/mm²) Rm 500-700
Impact strength (J) at 25°C ISO-V = 100
Hardness HB = 215

Physical Properties:

Property Value
Density (kg/dm³) =7,98
Electrical resistance at 20°C (O mm²/m) 0,75
Magnetisability low
Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W/m K) 15
Specific conductivity at 20°C (J/kg K)) 500

Special features

  • amagnetic quality (µ = 1,3)
  • suitable for low temperatures / usable up to 700°C

Main usage

  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Building industry
  • Electronic equipment
  • Decorative purposes and kitchen equipment
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Aircraft

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of 1.4404 is by adding 2-3 % molybdenum significantly better than that of stainless steels like 1.4301 and 1.4307, especially in absence of chlorides. In natural environmental media (water, rural and urban atmosphere), as well as in industrial areas with moderate chlorine and salt concentrations in the food industry and in the agricultural food sector, 1.4404 has an excellent corrosion resistance. 1.4404 is resistant even after welding to intergranular corrosion. 1.4404 is not resistant to sea water.


  • Weldable with or without filler metal
  • A heat treatment after welding is generally not necessary
  • Also thicker sections in welded condition are resistant to intergranular corrosion