Material: 1.4841

Information about the selected material

Assignment to new and old standards:

Standard Description
EN 10088-3 1.4841 X15CrNiSi 25-21
AISI 314
BS 314 S25
DIN 17440 1.4841

General properties:

Property Rating
corrosion resistance very good
Mechanical properties middle
Malleability good
Weldability good
Machinability middle

Mechanical properties:

Property Standard Value
Yield strength (N/mm²) Rp0,2 = 230
Tensile strength (N/mm²) Rm 550-750
Impact strength (J) bei 25°C ISO-V -
Hardness HB = 223

Physical Properties:

Property Value
Density (kg/dm³) =7,9
Electrical resistance at 20°C (O mm²/m) 0,90
Magnetisability non-existent
Thermal conductivity at 20°C (W/m K) 15
Specific conductivity at 20°C (J/kg K)) 500

Special features

  • to about 1120 ° C oxide scale resistant in air
  • Usage scope 900-1120 ° C
  • amagnetic quality

Main usage

  • Apparat idustry for high temperature applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Chain industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Kiln engineering
  • Oil industry
  • Chemical industry

Corrosion resistance

1.4841 is only slightly resistant to oxidizing and reducing sulphurous gases. In these media, the use of 1.4841 is limited to temperatures below 650°C. The corrosion resistance against carbon (up to 900°C) and to nitrogenous, low-oxygen gases can be classified as medium.


  • welded with all common welding processes
  • 1.4841 is a fully austenitic steels and for this reason hot cracking susceptible
  • A post-treatment after welding is not required