Material: CW004A

Information about the selected material


Property Value
Material-Labeling (once E-Cu58, E-Cu57, old Labeling: E-Cu)
Material-No. CW004A (once 2.0065, 2.0060)
Density (kg/dm³) 8,93
Temperature 20°C
Modulus of elasticity 130 kN / mm²
State cold formed
Cold forming very good
Temperature annealing 250 to 500°C
Temperature stress relief annealing 150 to 200°C
Welding less recommended
Soldering good
Polishing (mechanically) good
Polishing (electrolytic/chemical) very good
Galvanizability very good
Suitability for dip tinning very good

Corrosion resistance

Cu-ETP has a good resistance in natural atmosphere. Its surface becomes covered initially with dark, later with green adherent protective layers (patina), which are harmless. Even against drinking and industrial water, aqueous and alkaline solutions (with exceptions of: solutions with cyanides, halides or ammonia), pure steam, non-oxidizing acids (no dissolved oxygen ) and neutral salt solutions Cu-ETP is highly resistant. However, it is not resistant to oxidising acids, moist ammonia and halogenated gases, hydrogen sulphide and seawater. This is also true in a reducing atmosphere at elevated temperatures. Therefore, it is endangered by embrittlement when annealing in a hydrogen atmosphere or by welding at open flame and brazing. Here, the hydrogen can penetrate into the red-hot copper. It reacts with the copper oxyd while building of water vapor whose pressure causes to expand the structure so that it causes fragility (so-called Hydrogen disease).