Material: CW508L

Information about the selected material


Property Value
Material-Labeling CuZn37
Werkstoff-No. CW508L (once 2.0321)
Density (kg/dm³) 8,44
Temperature 20°C
Modulus of elasticity 110 kN / mm²
Cold forming very good
Temperature annealing 450 to 650°C
Temperature stress relief annealing 200 to 300°C
Welding middle to good
Soldering very good
Polishing (mechanically) very good
Polishing (electrolytic/chemical) good
Galvanizability very good
Suitability for dip tinning very good

Corrosion resistance

CuZn36 has a good resistance to water, water vapor, various salt solutions, many organic liquids. However, a corrosion in the form of "dezincification" occurs under certain conditions (water with high Cl content and low carbonate hardness). Further, this material has a tendency in the cold worked condition at the outer and / or inner tensile stress with simultaneous action of certain pleas (ammonia, amines, ammonium salts) to "stress corrosion cracking". Tensile stresses can also be subsequently introduced by incorporation or further processing. Heat treatment can prevent stress corrosion cracking. Even composite products can be obtained in the relaxed state. Components can become stress relief annealed or soft annealed.